Wanderlei on Chael fighting Shogun

"This is a joke – he's a clown," Silva told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) in response to Sonnen's statements. "He's a second-level fighter. He's not Top 10 – he's not a top fighter. He can't say anything about that because he's not in the position. His results don't give him the right to talk like that."
"'Shogun' can beat him anywhere. In the standup or on the ground – he can submit and he can knock out," Silva said. "I don't see any chance for Sonnen in that fight. I don't gamble, but I talked to my wife. I want to put $100,000 on 'Shogun.'"
"'Shogun' is going to hurt him," he said. "I think it's maybe going to be Sonnen's last fight. He's not going to fight after that fight anymore."

Phone Post 3.0

Not enough feet


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Not enough feet


Haha Phone Post 3.0


Chael would murder the axe murderer.

This is why it is good to have a somewhat humble POV before a fight, otherwise you have to eat your own foot! 

Training mates and former training mates never make wrong predictions like this.

Wandy vs Chael please.