Wanderlei saying no to Brian Stann fight

Was quite possibly the best decision of his career. Can you imagine how they fight would have looked?

I usually like your stuff but please fuck off with this ok.


Yeah.  Show more respect dude.


I cant imagine it would have been worse than what Leben did do to him.

Though it doesnt look good on Wand that he ducked vitor and stann only to get knocked the fuck out by his hand picked opponent.

Let me be clear... Wand has earned the right and is at a point in his career where ducking and desiring more acceptable fights is appropriate and well deserved so no disrespect... but it is reality.

Sorry guys. I'm not trying to rub anything in here. I am a legit Wanderlei Silva fan and root for him in every fight, but this is how I honestly feel and I PERSONALLY DID NOT want Wanderlei to fight Stann too because I thought Stann would beat him.

Sorry, I know him losing sucks, but I'm glad he didn't fight Stann because I think it might've ended up worse. I apologize for those I offended because I am not one of those I told you so "Wanderlei haters" and was ecstatic when he beat Jardine and Bisping.

Good form.

Bisping > Leben

Wand > Bisping

Leben > Wand

I hate MMAth