Wanderlei Silva interview (recent)

Wanderlei gave an interview to Tatame recently, which I thought was cool. I´m not translating the whole thing, but here is what he basically said:

  1. Hunt fight: I should have trained more Jiu Jitsu, since I generally only use it to defend myself. I gotta train more subs. What happened was that I was feeling a lot of pain on my hand, and in practice, my partners would accidently lie on top of it, and I would have to iterrupt the session. From now on, I´ll dedicate more time to JJ and ground fighting.

  2. How the loss affects his carreer: The loss didn´t affect it at all. Of course I was bummed. I watched the tape several times. I had noticed that every time there is a close fight, Pride gives the win to the lighter guy, which wasn´t the case in my fight. I feel I won the fight. 4 years of invincibility is a long time, and it will take a long time to reconquer that. My invincibility has been taken away.

  3. How are negociations with Pride: The guys from Pride told me that they are in the process of resolving my situation, as well as of all the Brazilians. This talk that other organizations are interested in me makes me very happy, cause this is proof that I´m doing my job well.

  4. Are you interested in rematching Hunt: Definitely! I see us fighting each other about 3 more times, and I want to win them all. I´ll go after him like I´ll go after anyone else. I´m not saying I´ll beat him, cause we are talking about fighting here, but I guarantee you that I´m going after him.

  5. What would you do differently this time: I´d prepare a lot more. Starting with my weight. I would be much heavier, weighing at least 103 or 105 Kilos.

  6. Have you decided if you want to be in the GP: Not yet, but if I don´t go, I want to put Ninja or Shogun in my place.

  7. Do you wish to go up a weight class? Yes, so I can fight Mirko and Fedor, cause they are the best fighters.

  8. What about Mino? He is also one of the best: He is definitely one of the best! But I don´t want to fight him. He is a really nice guy and I would like him to be on my team. If he is unhappy at BTT, I´ll invite him to join Chute Boxe.

Damn I translated the whole thing.

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Wand rules.

Nog joining CB.. This is where things get scary.

lol easy mauriciolopes. anyways thanks for the interview translation.

Thanks so much for that Mauricio!!

Vanderlei has a really good attitude.

Much respect and props to Wand for accepting his loss like a man.I would love to see Ninja or Shogun in the GP if Wand doesn't fight they would kick some ass!!

Thanks Mauricio, good interview.

thanks for the interview!

Maybe Silva wouldn´t be so dominant as a HW, but who else is there at 205 for him?

He beat everyone (in Pride) that had a chance of beating him. The only one who maybe deserves a shot at him is Arona.

Tito, Randy, and Vitor are in the UFC, and I don´t think a fight with any of these is likely to happen anytime soon.

This just proves what a true fighter Silva is. He doesn´t want to fight Sak for the 10th time, or tomato cans, he just wants to test his skills against someone who can offer danger to him.

thanks,nice interview

He already is 215-225. you guys want something funny, go watch his fight with Tito NOW. He's teeny compared to now. Not only teeny, but his head is more disproportionate to his body than Tito's. Now his fucking TRAPS are disproportionate to his body.

he's a big boy. We're all remembering slim, trim Silva that got knocked out by Vitor and bitched Van Arsdale. EEEHHHhhhh...not quite.