Wanderlei Silva signs with Jaco

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                                Wanderlei Silva signs with Jaco

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wtf is he saying

War Wandy! Good to see him getting paid.

Everyone knows Wand is a straight up brawler... Bisping may beat him technically like Rich Franklin did... Bisping may not have the knockout power but he may outpoint Wand if Wand doesn't change his gameplan... Just sayin da facts jacks!

wand via tko in the 2nd round.

How does anyone not love Wanderlei? If Wandy is happy then so am I.


Do you see that note on Wands computer?

Bisping touched that computer.

He is a fucking dead man.

I like Bisping but come on Wand is the man! I just dont see how mike can win this fight, he doesnt have the power to stop wand nor the strength to with stand his onslaught!