Wanderlei SIlva wants to fight 13 more years

story is here http://www.espn.co.uk/ufc/sport/story/117754.html

I really hope not for his sake

Bisping would even be able to knock him out with 13 years more of taking damage. Ok....maybe not

wonder what his wife thinks about that

 This is why he is so loved.

Not fighting 3X per year I hope!

 I hope somone gets in his ear and convinces him otherwise. He is going to get hurt, BAD one of these fights. You cannot keep getting ko every few months.

Gilberg -  This is why he is so loved.

I love Wanderlei, that's exactly why I don't want to see him turn himself into a cabbage.

If he physically can he will, thats why Wand is who he is.

I love Wanderlei. And this is why most people love Wanderlei.

Having said that, I don't want him to fall into the trap of comparing himself to Couture. 1.) Couture didn't START until he was around 35. 2) Couture has not been in nearly any wars like Wand! Hell, some of those Chute Boxe sparring matches are worse than most actual fights that your average fighter sees.

I want Wand to fight as long as he is able. Great fighter, gentelman and ambassador of the sport. I just think 13 more years is VERY unrealistic.


jfc Wandy...

he wont make it 3 more years

 maybe if he starts grappling more than stand n wanging...

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