Wanderlei: Sonnen's one year suspension too long

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                                Wanderlei: Sonnen's one year suspension too long

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"(Chael Sonnen) is one year out. But that's tough; a year is too much time. I agree with what Dana said, they took his job for a year, that's terrible. This guy has a family and this guy needs to work. I think 6 month's is ok; a year is too much time. (Steroids) is wrong but you can't take a job from a guy for a year. That's not so good. That's bad."

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Could this guy get any greater? He's sticking up for somebody he doesn't even like.

Shows what kind of guy he is, putting personal feelings aside. Hopefully the appeal happens and it gets reduced.

K-Dub-"T" -

Wand for like... ambassador of the Universe.



Chael made a mistake,just like we all do in life..a year is way to harsh.

Wanderlie is a true warrior, but I want to see who is the best. Steroids are an unfair advantage. Let people who what to compete using steroids compete in another show. Not the UFC it taints the win.

Don't get me wrong. I believe their are those getting away with taking steroid, but that is not the issue. Focusing on Sonnen. He told the people administering the test he was going to test dirty. With all Sonnen's talk of how great he is and how bad Anderson Silva is Sonnen still needed to cheat? Why? Because he knew it would give him and advantage.

Sonnen spoiled the Anderson Silva fight for me. Now I wonder if Sonnen could dominate Anderson with out steroids. The fight was tainted. A waste of my money.

6 Months is too short. Sonnen would miss only 1 maybe 2 fights. Wanderlie is the "man", but I want to watch a clean sport.

Every time that I think I can't like Silva any more, he proves me wrong.

Just a gracious guy.

i personally think Wandi took roids in pride.
any fighter that took roids at some point in their carrer is going to think that a year is too long

6 mos & some cash for 1st offense

year & entire purse for 2nd

3rd offense???? you're just done. period.

A year is way too long. But i Can't seem to take wandy seriously when he looks like he's after my lucky charms. Phone Post

He doesn't "not" like him. He was just setting things straight with Sonnen.

Just make it legal already.

 They are trying to dissuade fighters from breaking the rules and obtaining an unfair advantage. No one forced him to cheat.

Wand is God.

Every time I think I can't become a bigger fan of Wandy...he surprises me.


Poindexter -  They are trying to dissuade fighters from breaking the rules and obtaining an unfair advantage. No one forced him to cheat.

true that.
people are acting like people catch roids like the common cold, like its by chance
in the UFC greatness is measured one fight at a time. It takes a strong, and perhapse, a stronger dissincentive to convince people not to cheat.

THE CACTUS KID - Chael made a mistake,just like we all do in life..a year is way to harsh.

Yea... thats like when a guy gets caught cheating and he says it was a mistake...

Tiger accidentaly put his pecker in all those women.

Chael is a douche and a cheater... and the funny part is the fact that he LOST

Steriod users should be banned for life and possibly prison time IMO. They cheat people's careers, legacy wide, and finacially. One loss is quite a big difference in where your career heads and its a set back. Worst of all cheaters cost all the fans multi millions of dollars that bet against them and lose. Pathetic. Wand is a cool guy though yeah def, but this character of his should be universal amongst everyone, it's nothing admirable it's just reasonable to try to treat someone fair based on your own views, regardless of personal feelings.

lol a year being too long. he should take at least 3 year.

This time I disagree with Wand....
Imo if you get caught doing roids, you should get banned for life.
It's your own choice....