Wanderlei wants Rampage again...and again!

Wanderlei Silva reveals his desire for a fourth, and possibly fifth fight, with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in an exclusive interview in Fighters Only Magazine.
“I want to fight him again. I want to fight him now, and maybe in the final (fight of my career.).”

Silva’s most recent fight was a knockout loss to Jackson at UFC 92. In total Silva and Jackson have fought 3 times with Silva winning the first two bouts by KO. The pair’s rivalry is legendary within the sport and is so great that some have speculated it to be engineered. Wanderlei replies “This is a mindset for the fight. It is not fake, it is not just promotion for the fight.”

Check out the full 6-page interview in the US edition of Fighters Only Magazine available from Barnes and Noble, Borders, 7-Eleven, Walden Books, Hastings, Books-A-Million and many more. To find out more CLICK HERE 

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