Wanderlei's new training partner

Wanderlei is pulling out all the stops to make sure he's 100% ready to take on Rampage. So he flew out the 3rd Column fight teams own IrishMuayThai to work with him on his Muay Thai skills. Here are the two of them taking a picture together, I have a feeling Wanderlei will have better striking than ever before after working with the legendary IrishMuayThai!!!

This is no knock on you, but I've been wondering for a long time, how come everyone that poses with a fighter feels they need to put a fist up?

Generally I can always see a little "Uh...yeahhh" in their eyes.

That isn't me so even if you said "this is a knock on you" it wouldn't really be affecting me but the legendary IrishMuayThai, whom you dont want to knock because he would destroy you.

lol, whatever, I'm just stating a personal observation.

Anyway, here's an example of how it's done.


No fists, no smirks. Yes, I'm telling you that's how it's done.

I could be wrong though, maybe if I stuck my big fist in Shaolin's mug it would more up to your standards.

How what is done? That pic shows nothing of your MuayThai skills. You are an insult to IrishMuayThai.

You got a point there! ;)

Ha! Well when you go and put it THAT way, it sounds somewhat reasonable I guess, I think...

LOL @ you contributing to this thread going past 3 posts. Everyone be on the lookout for the IrishMuayThai t-shirts tba!!!

Man your all over him

He is the greatest Muay Thai trainer the world has ever seen!!!

I usually take my pictures with fighters, by holding hands.

Joker is right, I was called by his people to come keep Silva's muay thai crisp. Who better to call than the IrishMuayThai


You don't know what to do when you pose with fighters for photos. It's confusing. they always put their fists up in photos, so I guess that's your natural reaction. It seems kind of silly most of hte time, but if I had my picture taken with Dekkers or Hoost, you're darn TOOTIN' I'd have my fists up, beeyotch.

Funny story though, I hung out with Bradshaw for a while at UFC 40 and had no clue what do with the photo. I was so drunk that I just put my hand up with a pro wrestler. I think you can even see the "dude, I don't REALLy fight..." look on his face in the photo.

Man, those MGM bartenders are schweeet.

OMG!!! IrishMuayThai has graced this thread with his presence!!!