Wanderlei's sister (pic)



The question is what does she look like now?

Stuart Scott's Eyeball - The question is what does she look like now?

 I think Inf0 will have the answer to that ?


(courtesy of Inf0)

kanotoa - I can see you knocking on the door to take out Wand's sister and Wand comes out and starts soccer kicking and stomping the guy.



he looks like Derek Jeter with a bad hair piece in that pic

onde esta?

 shes lucky she looks nothing like him. she looks hot.

Ronald Reagan Gracie.....

You damn idiot.

We show Vanderlei Silva MORE respect than that in here, you f_cking newbie bastard. Your dad shoulda shot you on the wall a few years back. Do you not understand that Vandy could LOOK at you and make you shit yourself, and NEVER lay one finger on your sorry ass?????