Wand's chin has been proven, not Disproven

Vitor has the speed and POWER to put anyone away

Cro Cop "right kick hospital, left kick morgue" look what he's done

Henderson, nuff said

Rampage said that "it was the hardest punch he ever threw" and we all know how hard he hits.

Chuck said his hand were sore after the fight cuz he was connecting hard.

Ace, was able to connect but never had Wandy in danger.

Leben, when he throws a fit he can generate alot of power in such a short and ugly range, imagine what he'd be like when he straightens out his punches.

All these guys are known for their power, none of them have a reputation of throwing muffins. When Wand starts getting rocked and gibbled from guys like Bisping or other B level competition then we can say his chin is shot.

With that said the technique Leben used on Wanderlei is a Canadian fighting technique known as "Tuning someone" cuz Silva got "Tuned"

If you watch fights earlier in his career he easily took these punches and kept wading in swinging away, now he can't. It's just like Chuck, time to quit. I wish it wasn't that way, prime wandy is one of the most entertaining fighters ever. It's a tough sport, he trained hard and fought harder, can only keep that style up for so long. Phone Post

 "If you watch fights earlier in his career he easily took these punches and kept wading in swinging away, now he can't."

Not completely correct.  There have been fights very early and throughout his career where he's been rocked to the point of clinching his opponent to regain his bearings rather than keep swinging.  He's never been unrockable by any means. 

You have to take into account the accumulation of punishment his brain has taken. You can't keep getting ko'd and not expect your chin/recovery be affected.

Back when Silva was a great fighter, he'd still get knocked down by guys like Ortiz and Sakuraba. But he'd just hop right back up. And Mark Hunt probably hit him with the hardest shots he had ever taken and he still recovered from that.

But he really can't recover anymore once he gets hurt. And it doesn't help that nearly all his technique went out the window years ago. He used to at least clinch back in the day. Now he gets hurt and he just continues to throw awful haymakers. Phone Post

 I rarely lol from a thread title but this one has done it