Wand's Coach "You Need balls to fight like him"

Master Rafael Cordeiro reflects on what it was like to be in Former Pride Champion Wanderlei Silva’s corner for his UFC fight in Japan against Brian Stann. Wanderlei’s coach and friend of 20 years had been in Wanderlei’s corner the previous 13 times he had competed in that very same Japanese arena under the Pride FC banner. Back then, Silva was known for his intense and captivating entrance’s and fight’s. Cordeiro admits that Silva is his favorite fighter of all time and he feels like more of a fan and friend than a coach sometimes. Cordeiro said that the energy in the Saitama, Japan arena was amazing and that was a result of Silva putting on a great show. Master Cordeiro said that the way Silva fought the first round is the way that he loves to fight and he how has made so many fans throughout the world during his career. When looking back at Silva’s past bouts in Japan against Rampage Jackson in 2004 when he defended his belt was not as exciting as the bout against Stann, because Silva did not get hurt as badly during the Rampage bout. Cordeiro’s is known for his student’s having the mentality to kill or die and says that, “It takes balls to fight like Wanderlei,” and it is not for everyone. Everyone would like to fight like Wanderlei, but not everyone can. Master Cordeiro also briefly mentions his stint as a coach for team Werdum on the 2nd season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Cordeiro makes a point of saying not to miss any of the episodes, as the season will be great. After spending nearly 2 months in Brazil and Japan with two of his prize students Fabricio Werdum and Wanderlei Silva, the Master is back in Hunting Beach, CA and plans to be here for a while, tending to all of his students and team at Kings MMA. After a long trip, the Master is thrilled to be home and back with his team doing what he loves most, coaching his team.

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Hi John Fitch. Funny, I thought your name was spelled Jon. Phone Post

Mauro Ranallo's Mic - Hi John Fitch. Funny, I thought your name was spelled Jon. Phone Post

Lol foreal. Negative Nancy. Phone Post

With your shield or on it. Phone Post

Oh thought this was about Fallon Fox for some reason

He's absolutely right. Not many people have the kind of guts that it takes to risk everything, to put themselves in danger that way that Silva does...

its the ultimate price for glory.

Wandy walks right in on the most dangerous guys on the planet. He hits like a truck and when you think about it, not many guys so consistently hurt people the way that he does. Guy is a savage win or lose.... A samurai Phone Post

pennviachoke - Wand is a warrior..I haven't stopped watching that Stann fight since it happened. Phone Post

Lol me too, i already have almost every punch and commentary memorized... I need help bro Phone Post

Wand Gif from his last fight of him fixing his cup please lol

Retire. Not too many get to go out like this.

The man doesn't want to retire. Phone Post

They always spar without headgear?

HOLLYWOOD-MO - They always spar without headgear?

depends on who it is and how hard they are going.

Master Cordeiro belevies that you need to feel the punch before the fight.

Wanderlei is awsome but he is just 36. Maybe old as an MMA fighter but still young as a normal person....

He should retire and enjoy his life this isn´t good for his body anymore.....

here is some footage with Headgear.  Master Cordiero laying the smack down



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Good job.

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Nice Vid Tru.

Good job.

thanks appreciate it



There's a reason this guy was coach of the year in 2012 Phone Post

ha. like the sparring vid.