Wandy Is NOT Washed Up!!!

So don't even say it!!...That was just a perfect hook that landed perfectly on the jaw. Textbook example of "Just got caught"...Wandy looked great, could have happened to anyone.



and rampage is no slouch

if it were jardine that ko'd vanderlei, then perhaps :P

 That shot was so dead-on, and we know Rampage has serious power. Would have KO'd anyone but Hunt.

But Silva hasn't addressed any of his standup sloppiness. Yeah, it's gotten him plenty of wins, but it's also been the cause of most of his losses.

You don't "just get caught" so many times in such a short period of time. He's done and his chin is beyond shot.

He just got clipped blind by a full swing hook from the ankles of Rampage right on the jaw. There is nothing "brittle" about his jaw, he just got hit with a fucken sledge hammer without seeing it coming.

 If his chin were brittle he never would have been able to stay on his feet in the Chuck fight. I've never seen Chuck land that many clean shots on anyone without KOing them.

 he will win again

Wand got caught throwing a flurry....

He lives by the sword and dies by the sword....

Respect to both - 


No more go-go juice for Wand...means his luck has completely run out!

He got hit with a bomb that would have dropped a rhino.

He'll be back.

What exactly does "chin is shot" really mean? Increased suceptibility to concussion from previous brain damage?

I'm upset, good win that Rampage needed. Wandy's been fighting a long time, was the Pride champ for over 4 years,it's not a game people stay on top of forever,I wish him the best wherever he goes from here. Shit. :(

Looks like Rampage had his eyes completely closed when he landed the ko punch.Wandy just got caught

His chin is fine. That was a hell of a shot. He needs to tighten up his striking with Tompkins.

It'll be fun to have him around to hear him stammer about a long career of eating perfect shots. Punch drunk, imo

I cant wait to see a rematch, wand was landing some vicious shots early in the fight. good thread

 Anything can happen at that kind of level.

Inept. A left after a missed right is not exactly the height of subtle strategy. Every boxing match would end in the first 30 seconds if that was the norm. His body is gone without steroids.

Did people enjoy Ramp's wrestling routine from the Junk Yard Dog?