Wandy's thoughts on Fedor?

Has Wanderlei ever been asked about Fedor's skills as a fighter?

Has he ever expressed interest in fighting the Last Russian Emperor?


I though that the title of this thread was "Windy's thoughts on finger"...

Now that's a thread I'd like to read.

I don't know that I have encountered anyone so absolutely confident. Vanderlai never comes across as cocky.

Silva could bulk up to 220-225 for this dreamfight (if it ever were to happen), but shit man, he would be entering a world of pain against Fedor.

He'd be better off at around 200 lbs if he were to fight Fedor. He said against Mirko he felt too slow and bulky, he was around 210-215 in that fight I believe.

"It's not a fun thing to fight someone where you know you will win. "

I don't get that statement.

Damn, Silva is the shit and even he would rather not take on Fedor,that speaks volumes, to me anyway... "but I would..." you gotta love that attitude. Those two are the top two in my book.

I hat Wany Silva but respect him. I think he is telling the truth in that if it paid enough he would fight anyone anywhere anytime. I do not like him but he is an ANIMAL!

How can you be a fight fan and not absolutely LOVE Vanderlei?!? The man defines the word 'Fighter'.

I am a huge fight fan said he was an animal and I respect him straight up. I just do not like the guy but I know he is one of the best fighters in the world pound fo pound.

At this stage in his career, if he asked for it, they'd give him Fedor, no?

To quote my man from the Hammer House Kevin Randellman before the Pride middle weight tournament last year when Nakamura asked to fight Randellman and I am sure Fedor would say the same thing "Nobody asks to fight me, not Vanderlei, Quiton, Henderson, nobody asks for me. If you ask for me you're going to get exactly what you fucking asked for.....ME"