Wang? Are You Kidding Me?

This fight better be good, man. That's all I gotta say, Dana! :)

Born in Tai Wan? He'll have to "Tie One" on after this fight. drumroll I'll be here all week, folks!

Did Andy really take Jiu Jitsu or is that all a friggin lie?...what gives?

Damn, that was quick.


One punch short of being a good stoppage, imo.


how does that guy get a NSAC license ?

He tried to go for the takedown.

His wrestling isnt good enough to shoot in without firing some shots first.

This is the 3rd thread Ive seen of people bashing on Andy. First off,
Andy is a very good fighter and is sick on the ground. His main training
partner is Mac Danzig. Andy actualy have alright stand up and I ahve
seen him war with many really good fighters.

We all agree that he has made some bad game plan choices in fights,
but up until this fight he ahd never been finished. Plus the guys was
not even out. He was in serious trouble and caught a mean head kick,
but he was very lucid immediatly when they stopped the fight.

Everyone gets caught. His only problem is his height/reach
disadvantage. I actually think he was too overzelous on the take down
attempts this time. He was reaching and trying to hard to take it to the
ground and never got a solid clinch. THen got caught with a kick
coming out of a clinch.

To say all this crap about the guy, like "how did he gt a license" or
questioning his Black Belt etc (like I said there are 3 threads all saying
the same crap) is BS.

He is a very solid guy and a very solid fighter and everyone is talking
shit based on 2 fights that you have seen. One was bad judgment and
one was a well placed shot. I think we can find 2 fights on most
fighter's records like that.

LOL @ Andy complaining about an early stoppage, what a dumb fuck. I never ever want to see this kid fight ever again.

From what we have seen from the show and tonight, Wang's BJJ looks just as legit as "Master" Mark Baily's BJJ BB from the Machados

I thought it was an early stoppage or not definitive. About 3 of the last 4 punches missed, he was def in trouble but i agree with kostakio that it was about one more good punch short of a good stoppage.

This time he tried to clinch Cole a few times, didnt force the td, but Cole schucked the clinch attempts off easily and then got to Wang before anything else could happen.

Oh, well...

"Andy needs to find a new line of work.
You are 30 years old Andy and your standup is so weak I think you would lose to an average drunk at a bar in Vegas. MMA is just not for you bro - not as a profession anyway, maybe just stick to it as a hobby. "

I bet Wang could make you suck his Wang.

take him down andy, take him down. sorry could not resist. I fail to understand why he trys to slug it out with a black belt in bjj???

Yeah...cuz guys like Sakurai, Kawajiri and Gomi are "too small."

It pisses me off that the UFC doesn't seem to be trying to bring over the top Pride LWs.

Good start with Sakurai, but if they lose Gomi, Kawajiri or Aoki I'm gonna be PISSED.

Reasonmethis is obviously Yourfather....His posts are always pro-Brazilian and anti-asian....I'm not an Andy Wang fan but I think he'd tool the people bashing him on this thread

"I'm one of the best lightweights in the world".

The guy isn't even in the top 300. What a joke.

I hope we never see him in the ufc again.

Ohh don't will. He's in the cheap eats stable along with Rory and co.

"I hope we never see him in the ufc again.

Ohh don't will. He's in the cheap eats stable along with Rory and co."

spoken like a true douche bag