Wanna Fight In The Caribbean???

Need 8 fighters for a Tourney email me and I will explain Details!!! Email Info@thewfc.com


If you twist my arm hard enough, I just might be willing to shoot this one,lol.

Sounds intriguing.  At least put here if it's Ammy or Pro and what are some basic qualifications.  Then people will have a better idea if they should contact you or not.

The Caribbean sounds rad though!



I sent you an e-mail - after taking my fighters to Utah -Oregon, and Ohio - I would love a tropical local to have them fight in - and finally I can wear my bikini to an afterparty!!

I sent you a quick e-mail!

Much luv

I'll fight in the caribbean.


Team Jorge Gurgel has some guys that are game...willsend you our info tonight...

- Dustin Ware

Sorry guys this is a pro show


ttt for the Caribbean and bikinis @ afterparties!!

What is the weight class?

Gino...I know I'm getting hooked up~

email sent

weight class?

bring elbe - but make him wear a bikini too!


weight class?

Elbe and Lira.


Email sent

I was wondering when you are going to be emailing people back with if you are interested or not?