Wanna fight in "the O.C." on TV??

I'm looking to fill a few spots for our fights in Orange County on Nov 4th.

The fights are called "No Limits"...they will be televised on cable TV great exposure especially in Socal

California is home to KOTC, Total Combat, WEC, Strikeforce, Gladiator Challenge, and even the UFC. People looking to fight "Pro" definatly want "exposure" to the California promoters and fan base...This shows TV exposure will gaurantee a fighter that chance.

I'm looking for a

170lber to fight Bill Cooper Pay negotiable-undercard bout

185lber to fight Raul Castillo Pay Negotiable-undercard bout

I'm also looking for 2 heavyweight fighters for our "tournament".

Our tournament will be on 3 "dates"

Nov 4th, Early Dec, Early Feb.

It is a 8 man tournament.

We are paying 1,000 flat for the 1st round.
2,000 flat for round 2

and for the finals

10,000 to the winner,

4,000 to the loser.

SO far the "heavies" in the tournament...

KOTC Vet Allan "A-Dawg" Sullivan

KOTC Vet "Poki" "Poki"

UFC Vet Zane Frashier

Total Combat vet Rich Dalton

KOTC vet Tim "Big Perm" Persey.

Total Combat Vet Kyle "Killa" York

*TBA (spot were looking to fill)

*TBA (spot were looking to fill)

We have lots of interest in the Heavyweight tourney..so if your interested get contact info to me ASAP

Lemme know if you have anyone interested.

We prefer fighters local to Socal,

or willing to "drive".

Travel is negotiable.

Airfare is not in the budget but if "purse" is negotiable it may be an option.

Lemme know if you have anyone interested.




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You need to get Julian Rush on that heavyweiht tourney.

I will talk to him and see if he is healthy. He is a beast and his only 2
losses are to Kadillac via split decision, giving up 35 pounds and to
Eddie Sanchez in a Total Combat fight that he was winning and had an
asthma attack and the Dr. would not let him continue.

The guy is really tough and very well rounded.

And he is an L.A. Local.

Hey May be one of the TBA...His name has definatly been talked about with during matchmaking.

That's what happened to Julian. We were just talking about that fight the other day. I always thought it was just the altitude. A few of the fighters that day complained of a lack of oxygen.

He would be great to have in there. The only reason (on his end,
anyway) that I say I will talk to him, is because he is coming off an

He should be ready to go by then, but it will be up to him... and of
course you all on the matchmaking end.

I will check in a couple 170 and 185ers I know and see what I can come
up with. What is the story on Raul? I know The Grill, but don't know
Raul Castillo (at least not by name).

Thanks, Ray.

The altitude had a lot to do with it. We had no idea it was 4500 feet or
whatever it was up there. Then he took one good uppercut on the chin
toward the end of the round. It dazed him a bit, but the asthma kicked
in and couldn't catch his breath.

The doctor was asking him if he wanted to continue, but he couldn't
answer, so he stopped it. The sad thing is that 30 seconds later he was
fine... plus Eddie told us himself that he wasn't sure what he would
have done if Julian would have been allowed to continue.

Oh well, that's the game. Either way, that whole round 1 is like a
highlight reel. I'd love to see the rematch. Now Stoked to see Eddie
getting the big break in the UFC. He's a tough dud, well rounded and a
good guy to boot. I hope he kicks ass...

Then gives Julian a rematch in the UFC (ha ha).

Raul has a 3-1 record in MMA. A new MMA fighter with about 4 years of BJJ experince.

Bill Cooper doesn't have an opponent yet, but I predict he will win his MMA debut...

id love on that card ray give me a holler...vlucero1123@yahoo..or give cube a call..



Vince...Cube called me. Were gonna try to hook you up with a spot.

send me an email about the event






Hey Doolin,

When is the Suarez at the end of this month ??




I answered your question on the other thread.

The fight is off :(