Wanna lose weight? Try this...

I got up to 337 lbs even though I powerlift and I am pretty strong thats just too damn big. Tried everything Atkins etc. They work till you go off them so I went to Weight Watchers and lost 15 lbs my first 2 weeks and I've never been hungry. I actually eat 6 times a day now and its a plan you dont go off. Its just common sense calorie control and portion control. If you have any questions I'll try and answer them, just wanted to post this for any one trying to lose weight.

jenny craig is better.

do you spend a lot on their food?

What kind of food are you allowed to eat, and how do you decide what portion sizes to use?

There is no food to buy and you can eat whatever you want but you decide how to spend your points. You see you are given so many points a day based on your current body weight. They give you a little book with all the foods in in and what their point value is. You then decide how to spend your points. Want a double cheeseburger go right ahead but you'll probably use half your points for the day. It's very easy to follow and once you reach your goal weight the weekly meetings and weigh ins are then free.

Well I just went to my third weigh in last night and in three weeks on weight watchers I have lost 17 lbs. Thats a 5% body weight reduction.

good job on your progress!

Thanks paw its pretty cool when you have to put another notch in the belt.

over a year period I lost about 40lbs (damn I got fat!) and a belt that I wore in the middle is now on the smallest hole and loose!

Thats awsome ms its a great feeling. Its all about calorie control and portion control Weight Watchers makes it easy for me to stay on track

Cool man...Keep up the good work and let us know when you reach your goal.


It sounds just the same as counting calories and very similar to the Zone approach where you count blocks of carbs, fat and protein. I'd like to know how do you divide your macronutrient ratio, how much points for carbs, fats and prot.? Could you please give an example of what you eat in a day and how many points each meal is worth?

Forgive my ignorance but I have no idea what a macronutrient ratio is. However my usual day is this: Breakfast 6:30am-2 pc. of whole grain wheat toast with margarine (2pts., then about 10am I have a Weight watcher meal which is anywhere from 4-7pts (I try and eat the lower point meals in the morning. Then about noon I eat a can of mixed vegetables or a can of veg. soup which is 2 points. Then about 2:oo I have another Weight Watcher meal again 4-7 points Then I go home and for supper I eat a large salad with fat free dressing 0 pts. then I may have a 3 egg fat free cheese omelot 7pts. or 1cup of pasta and 1/2 cup meat sauce 9pts. then a couple hours later for a snack I may have low-fat fruit yogurt 4pts. or a cup of fat free cottage cheese 2 pts or even pbj on toast 4 pts.
Hope that give you an idea of how it works. All I know is in three weeks I've lost 17 lbs and I'm never hungry. And two Weight Watcher meals at the grocery store are less than one value meal at McDonalds. Any other questions I'll be happy to answer.

Are you combining this with any exercise? If so how does this affect your points?

For the last three weeks I have not exercised at all and I still lost 17 lbs. (I know I know) I did start last night running and doing the bike and cardio glide. I want to see what will happen during the next three weeks adding exercise. After three weeks on Weight Watchers you can actually add points for doing exercise and they break it all down for you on which types and length give you what points.


Nice! I did something similar with my diet although not as accurate and combined it with Taku's interval training and I am very very happy with the results. Good luck to you.

Sounds like a simple, effective approach. You think that it would be possible to purchase the book with the food point values from them separately, or would you have to sign up and go to the meetings, etc?

It's really simple and effective. go to weightwatchers.com and find a local meeting then go by and ask them if they will.


Good job hawg68!

Thanks stickyfoot