Wanna talk to Yves Edwards?

Do you want to? Do you really want to? Do you really really want to?

Well....here is how:

You go to www.thugjitsu.com and register on his OFFICIAL forum that he checks religiously!!! He will answer your questions people. REGISTER NOW!!!

I want to talk with Jeremy from Home Depot.

They are all at www.thugjitsu.com

Can't I just call him?....

TTT I wanna call his house at 4am while im on a drunkin stuper. Is that allowed?

nah its cool. im fine

Ummmm okie dokie


You go first then ill think about it.

IM ALREADY THERE!!! Also, im a pasty whiteboy!!!

No he kicks them all in the head

Who can understand anything he says?????

Joseph, us black guys can understand what he has to say WHITE BOY!!!

Combinate,my school already has SEVERAL Yves' pictures!!!

I thought the inside of this thread was going to read:

"Then move to TEXA$ BITCH!!!"

who would want to talk to him? does he have groupies or something?

"does he have groupies or something? "

only with the ring girls


Actually im a professional YES man.

Yeah, this white boy from the burbs has trouble with Yves at times. I only know it's him calling from my Caller ID.