Want more 10-10 rounds or not?

So they are implementing more 10-8 rounds, which I think is good, when appropriate, and this has been underutilized in the past.

But 10-10 rounds still seem to be unicorns, even though the judging criteria technically allows them.

Would you like to see them incorporate more 10-10 rounds, like they are doing with 10-8 rounds, or not?

Yes. Everyone acts like draws are the devil but imo MMA needs more. Too many fights like Woodley v Wonderboy (both of them), Chandler v Alvarez 2, Edgar v Aldo 1, and even other shit fights that don't deserve a winner. Not saying 10-10 rounds would have necessarily made those fights draws but it could have.

I want more 10-10 rounds along with more 10-8 and even some 10-7 rounds.

Edgar Aldo 1 was not a draw lol

5 judges. Less chance of draws.

10-10 Rounds are a no brainer.

If someone clearly wins a Round, such as Round 1 in the 1st fight of Woodley vs Thompson , that's a clear 10-9. If a fight is close and you don't really know who won (such as many of the Rounds of Woodley vs Thompson II) how can anyone justify scoring that the same as that Round 1 of the first fight? 

yes and show the scores after every round!