want to buy a grappling dummy?

i'm selling a bubba dummy grappling dummy for $200 plus shipping if anyone is interested please e-mail me.



That is the deal of the year!

theagenes1@aol.com Can anyone give me a quote on shipping? And condition . I will most likely take it

shipping is going to be over $100, I'd bet

That's all right, then.

Even with shipping, this is a great deal.

Hmm, where did he go?

Yeah, but they'ed pry fight back.

If somebody could figure out a way to mass produce those things and charge a decent price they'd be rich.

I don't think there is any way to mass produce Bubba. I wish I could, but it wouldn't be as good.


If you can send me some pics of it I will probably buy it.

It's gone, guys. :-(