want to check on order...

I ordered Rodney King's DVDs on 1/2 and received confirmation that same day. My credit card was billed on 1/3 and I still haven't received my DVDs on 1/15. Shipping was $14 and it has been almost 2 weeks. Just thought I might post a reminder in case there is a problem with my order. Thank you for your help.

Posting a reminder on here will not help you, as I do not deal with those shipments or orders directly. And Mike does not read the forums.

For real help contact here:

For status on all video, dvd, & product orders call Mike at the distribution office toll free:


Office hours are 12-8pm PST

He will be happy to help with any questions you have.

His e-mail is videos@straightblastgym.com However due to e-mail volume we suggest calling if at all possible.

Have a great day, and thank you for your business.

Mike will make sure you are taken care of.


Thanks. I'll try to call when I get a chance.

On Matt's recommendation, I called the toll free number last week to check on my order, and left a VM for Mike. It took a couple days for him to get back to me, but I got a call on Tuesday. Mike explained that there was a rush of orders during the holiday season and that some items had to be placed on backorder because of this.

In addition, there was a snowstorm in the Portland area that shut things down for several days, and this contributed to the situation. I know it can be tough, but be patient - I placed my order 12/18, and expect delivery soon.

Just thought you'd like to know.

I talked to Mike yesterday and goph94 is correct. Between the holidays and snowstorms things did get a little behind. The snowstorm was so bad he couldn't even get to work at all for several days. Mike has been working hard to get things caught back up. Give him a call and he will go out of his way to check on your order. All things considered I feel lucky. I ordered on 28 Dec and received my order (Singer bro DVD) today.

James Walker

Please see post "To All SBGI Pro. Fans"

Good luck, I ordered the Singer's DVD on 12-05-03. I then called and e-mailed the week of Christmas was told it should bethere that week. I then called after New Year Day, left messages etc. I then read there was a snow storm things were shut down so I can understand that. Then this week I finaly get Mike on the phone he explains since I snail mailed my order it wa slower and it would arrive. Today is Saturday mail came no DVD yet and Monday is a holiday. If the SBG products were not so great I wouldn't order anything else either. Still waiting for my DVD.


That's your call and your prerogative. The reasons were explained and obviously not to your satisfaction. This is part and parcel of business at some point or another. I know for a fact though that the SBGi goes out of its way to fix any difficulties that may arise and takes full responsibilities when in error. Sometimes though, their is clearly no fault involved, just the circumstances.

But....by this course of action you have taken the SBGi loses a valued customer and you lose out on great material. No one gains or benefits anything. Perhaps their may be a middle ground in all this. Try Mike again during his work hours and I'm sure both parties involved can come to some agreement from the exchange.

If not, your call as well.


SBGI East Coast Regional Director


KabukiKid what was the name on your order?

If you don't want to write it publicly you can send it privatley to info@straightblastgym.com

"This is no excuse not to return 5 messages."

Agreed! But I have access to the voice mail as well, and there was no messages like that. And certainly not 5 messages from the same individual?

This has me very curious.

Mike would not ignore a call, and not return a message. Especially several "messages". It is of course possible that there was an error with the voice mail? But obviously in order to facilitate your order he would need your name.

I also noticed you you have four total posts? How did you order the product?

-Matt Thornton

January 20 and still no delivery. I've already called once and was told it was on the way. I've heard such good things about SBG products that I hoped to be a repeat customer, but $14 is pretty steep for over 2 weeks (and still waiting).

Eagerly awaiting my DVDs.

First of all I want it to be known that we traced 'kabukikid', and there was no order by such individual.

No order for such product placed on that day. No order that has not been accounted for. And no phone calls made five times to the company, EVER.

Also, neither Mike or I have ever recieved a call or e-mail from any such individual.

In other words it was all bullsh*t.

Sorry to say that those that don't agree with what SBGi stands for will go to those lengths of dishonesty when it comes to such things. But some people are really sad. If I can trace the ISP I will.

JockDoc, regards your order. There is absolutley nothing that can be done under the name JockDoc. . .you would need to send an e-mail to:


with your order name for any information.

Secondly, as stated all overseas orders can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be recieved at times.

Sometimes they arrive much sooner.

But in order to garantee that we would need to ship priority, and overseas that can cost as much as 24. to us. So shipping would be 30. to the customer in such case.

As it is we ship ALL products overseas via airmail, but once the product goes out we cannot promise delivery any sooner then 2-3 weeks to overseas customers.

If Mike says your product shipped, it has shipped. .

For an update you will need to contact Mike with the appropriate order information.

I don't agree with the dishonesty either maybe jocdoc or kubikikid needs to get a life, but I was told my order had shipped and after checking the mail still no DVD. I have called and e-mailed still waiting after 6 weeks. its just a little frustrating but still a loyal SBG fan.

I smell Shenanagans!!!

I think someones just trying to 'cause a lot shit. I live in Canada and have ordered many videos from SBG. I had a problem once (the vids I ordered didn't seem to be coming in on time for Christmas) and I e-mailed Matt about them. He pointed me to Mike's direction and we discussed it, got it fixed and they arrived like a couple days later (a day before Christmas). That was the only time I had a problem and I have had no other problems since and I ordered from them like 5 times overall!!!

They are a great bunch of guys who train and work hard everyday and don't need or have time for bogus claims about missing orders of merchandice and such that never existed.

Mike, you're doing a great job, keep it up!!!

From a more then satisfied customer
Jeff "Portuguese2002" Duarte
P.S. When is the Bass/Williams series II coming out???

I live in Oklahoma and I still haven't received my order. I have called and spoken with Mike and I was told my order had already shipped, though that was 4 or 5 days ago. I don't mean to be a pain in anybody's ass, but I am a consumer and my money was taken almost 3 weeks ago when my credit card was billed. Other producers of instructional tapes/DVDs have set the bar pretty high for delivery time and customer service so I've come to expect reasonable delivery time, especially when I am paying TOP DOLLAR for delivery. I don't think I've been unreasonable as this is what every responsible business owner must expect when they sell a product and are expected to deliver.

So maybe mongrel should check his/her own life and not worry about other people's business, though it sounds like we are in the same boat. And Portuguese I'm glad you were satisfied with your service, but it means nothing to me. I obviously thought SBG had a good product, otherwise I wouldn't have dropped my own money.

Thanks again and looking forward to the delivery of my order.

JocDoc, all apologies to you didn't mean to personally insult you. After reading Matt's post I just hit the keyboard, again I apologize. Yes we are in the same boat, Today is January 22, still no order. I was even told by Mike that my order had shipped. I love the SBG products and understand that running a company its hard to make every one happy. Complications arise and thats cool, but don't keep telling me the order has shipped over and over when it still not arrived.
But still a loyal SBG fan. My biggest complaint is where I am located I don't have access to a school, so the majority of my training is media info like video and DVD materials. I then train hard and catch a seminar to work out the kinks. So my DVD order is mucho important.

After numerous complaints about my order, I am done. Sorry about posts dealing with my non- delivered order. I still haven'trecieved it yet, another day still no show. I have e-mailed and called etc etc. still nothing has changed. Any one who has recieved the DVD I am interested in buying a used copy.

JockDoc and Mongrel 911, I cannot do anything for your order based on nick names in a forum.

JockDoc, I only have one order to Oklahoma, it was sent priority mail, and if that is you and you would like to track it send me an e-mail and I will send you the Post Office tracking ID.

Mongrel 911, I have not received numerous complaints, and have no idea who you are? In addition, we have received no cancellations?

You can call me direct at 1-888-888-2580 I am here now and will be happy to help you.

If you would like to contact me via e-mail at videos@straightblastgym.com please put your MMA user name in the subject line so I can notice it among all the other business e-mails I receive. I really would like to get this handled to your satisfaction.

For everyone else, most of all our product now ships within a day or two of ordering it, and EVERYTHING is now sent with tracking information so we can trace your product through the mail delivery system. I'll be happy to assist with any product information, help, or question you have.

I don't have time to check the forums so please reach me at:

For status on all video, dvd, & product orders call Mike at the distribution office toll free:


Office hours are 12-8pm PST

I will be happy to help with any questions you have.

My e-mail is videos@straightblastgym.com However due to e-mail volume we suggest calling if at all possible.

Have a great day, and thank you for your business.

Thank You

-Mike Adams

SBG Productions manager


I received my order yesterday and I have only had time to watch the first DVD and it is great stuff. Exactly what I was hoping for and I look forward to studying the whole set.

My only complaint is that after paying $14 for shipping, the package arrived with an 83 cent stamp. And to echo another's complaint, the DVDs were only shipped in thin plastic sheets without a hard protective case. Most other DVDs are packed in hard cases. For the price I think this would be an appropriate addition.

Great product, I only wish the shipping price and packing would be addressed.

JockDoc, I am happy you like the product.

Regards your concern, two points.

1- I agree with you, and we are working on those issues as we speak. Much of it has to do with the layout of the web store we use, and the choice of options for various countries and locations, etc.

2- Although we are working on shipping, shipping will still reflect shipping & handeling fees. So the fee is not just for shipping, but also for the time and labor involved in dealing with the orders. Many companies charge a simliliar rate, and those that don't build that cost into the price of the product itself.