Want to see something scary?!

A guy i know just posted this on his FB.  He's 71


He's the one on the left, isn't he?


God, why are old poorer so creepy.

"i spent my whole life as a man, can't i enjoy the last few years as a woman" Phone Post 3.0

Thought this thread was going to contain Dan Akroyd. Phone Post 3.0

My wife and I were at this gigantic shoe store off the interstate one time and the younger version of those two were in there. Dudes were fucking big, like 6'6" and muscled. Dressed to the nines in women's clothes with nails, hair, makeup, the whole nine yards.

Was cray.

2, 1 Phone Post 3.0

The guy i know isnt in the photo.  This is some scary lookin old broads .

Cue Bobby Brown's " My Prerogative". Phone Post 3.0

Tori Spelling and Liz Taylor have really let themselves go. Phone Post 3.0