Want to train full time?

I am starting a fight team and gym (muay thai & mma) in Thailand.

The idea is simple, in that living expenses are next to nothing, and we have contacts with several promotions in asia.

Want to train and fight full time? Drop an email, submissiongrappler@hotmail.com

What if I just wanted to come out for a "training vacation"..... I'm looking for a holiday camp.

Short term stays will be welcome as well, but especially looking right now for long term fighters.

There is also Enson Inoues gym here in Thailand, Ingram gym in BKK also does some MMA as well as MMA Phuket...in Phuket.

Thanks for the response,



enson has a gym ? is it with sangtien noi ?

why dotn u post your qualifications or those of your instructors


ttt for more info

more details

How much $ would I need to come up with?

HPF is correct, would be nice to know what kind of training is going on there (who the instructors are etc).

very very interesting.

TTT for some more info.


I thought about sending an e-mail, but then I thought Phuket. JKB





email sent