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The Marvel mystery teaser train keeps on rolling through its third week, with a new Spider-Man teaser featuring art by Adam Kubert revealed today. Unlike previous teasers for events like "Civil War", "Infinity Gauntlet" and "Future Imperfect," this one -- unveiled by Entertainment Weekly -- hints at a new storyline called "Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" set to debut in summer 2015.

The story title alludes to Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane Watson in 1987's "Amazing Spider-Man Annual" #21, which was infamously erased from continuity by way of devilish magic in 2006's "One More Day" story. The addition of a possible third member of the Watson-Parker family in the image calls back to MJ's '90s pregnancy, a plotline that was abandoned around the same time as "The Clone Saga."

Of course, it's most likely all of these summer 2015 teasers are linked to Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's upcoming "Secret Wars" series. Check back with CBR for more teasers as Marvel debuts them.

This would make everything right.  it would end the pact

It took longer than expected, but as always Marvel hits the reset button. Now in this case it's a good thing. But it's the same old thing.

I haven't bought any hero comics since the first 20-30 issues of both Ultimate Spidey and Ultimate X-Men, and even those were a brief hiccup after 10+ years of no hero comics.

But Pete back with MJ and Pete as a dad would command my money with no regrets whatsoever...


This would make everything right.  it would end the pact

This and Adam Kubert's art work I'm in!

I wonder how they are going to undo One more day. Or maybe they won't undo it, but still find a way to fix it.