WANTED- Kiddies MMA stuff 4 Xmas

got a buncha kids to buy for...looking for anything MMA related...

shirts and hats especially, but interested in just about anything....

toddlers, infants and school-aged rugrats included.

hopefully, someone can post some links....thanks!


somebody has to know where I can get some goods!


that is the coolest.

you sir,  are santa claws!

u r a peddelar of death, tobacco man.

how ironic, on a site like this.

we carry some kids stuff.



dude, i did this like a year ago to bloodyknuckles and he had a 90 post thread, bringing him publicity... it's a joke, it was then... i thought he'd remember.... although i may have had my old screen name then....

oh and good luck w/ my job.. i am in the Fuel Cell industry.. trying to NOT be dependent on foreign oil...

its only waste product is HOT water, which is re-used in the home... i'm environmentally friendly... the SUV i drive to work, that's another thing... lol..

it was an old joke

i recall bloodyknuckles actually getting a bunch of orders in from UG members when i did that...

you know how it is, bad press is good press...


easy Empire...I'm laughing with you...

peddler of death.,.. good one

I didnt actually get alot of orders from your rant, but it was a funny thread.

Thanks and merry Xmas!