Wanted MMA Cage plans

Currently on the look out for plans for a competition MMA cage, due to our isolated location its near impossible to source one ready built.

Blue name for anyone who can come through with the goods.


I aint got none, but I tell ya what I'd do;

Get some wood, a tarp (a real big'n) and go pop the posts on your fence.

After that a little primer and duck tape and you got ya a good ol cage. Comprende?

If you scroll down, you'll find some links to different designs. If you've googled, you've seen them. 



Dont worry about the Blue, just let us know how it turns out. 

Thanks guys


Just to clarify we are wanting to build a competition spec cage not something that bolts to a floor or pay $400 for plans site unseen.

Any help would be amazing.


in dont forget the alligators

crazydave -


crazydave -

Obvious winner

I never knew we had so many engineers on the UG. Xx


Yamma pit would be cheaper and way cooler