wanted shredded chicken recipe

there are some wicked cooks on here so figured id ask some advice

I made some chicken tacos and just used the instapot to cook the chicken breast and shred them.
I added a little chipotle and cumin and garlic but they were pretty bland I understand by not grilling or some other form of cooking I am lacking a bit of flavour but is there anything I can add to make it a bit more flavorful?

the instapot just makes making them super quick for me


I just dump a jar of spicy salsa on chicken breasts and thighs with some salt, pepper and garlic. Cover and bake until I can shred them. Boom...shredded chicken tacos. 

in. the old school taco seasoning isn't really doin it for me anymore. my brother cooks ground beef with a bottle or a half bottle of ortega for tacos and it's tremendous. not sure that would work the same way with chicken

I just mix the taco seasoning packet with chicken broth and dump in the crockpot with the meat.  add some spices for heat(often Chipotle’s in Adobe sauce) comes out amazing every time.

Lite Italian dressing


I know, it sounds ridiculous

Mountain Medic -

Lite Italian dressing


I know, it sounds ridiculous

never done pulled chicken with this, but grilled chicken marinated in italian is really good. 

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I do chicken with some avocado oil, chipotle chilli powder, cumin and garlic powder. Pretty good

Achiote, cumin, chipotle, lime, tomatoes, blend it up

You can use a store night rub or one you make.


Rub boneless skinless chicken thighs

Cook on grill indirect fire at 300-325 degrees for 45 mins.


Put thighs in pan, add 1 stick of butter cut I to big cubes.  Seal pan with foil


Cook at 300-325 degrees for 45 mins longer 


Thighs will fall apart easily.  Add some of the butter and drippings from pan to the chicken to keep them moist.  Add more rub if you need more flavor.


The chicken will be moist, tender, and full of flavor.

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Chipotles in adobo sauce.

Sounds like you needed salt 

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Make a paste for the chicken, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, and what ever general rub you like, trager makes some good ones as does Kinders..

Add the olive oil to a small mixing container, then add your spices to taste, you want to create a thick paste, then brush that on, or apply it to the chicken. I find this adheres far better to the meat.

If you are using a instapot, throw in fresh garlic and lime.





Throw out the breast and use boneless thighs instead. I usually add seasoning, onion/garlic powder, sea salt or Himalayan pink salt black pepper and cumin. I decide on heat based on who's eating it. I'll add chopped onions and cilantro with some lime juice and a little olive or coconut oil and double foil pouch slow cook in oven. Once it's " done " i chop or shred by hand and spread out over sheet pan and put under broiler long enough to get some burnt edges/char for added flavor. Great for chicken or pork tacos with this method.

pahulkster -

Sounds like you needed salt 

This. Even better if you salt and let it sit over night. 

Awesome thanks guys