WAR ELVIS.........

Exclusive Interview...

“I have trained hard and I am ready for the fight. I am looking forward to this match…. I will move forward using my striking to either setup the KO or the takedown. I’m not fussed where the match ends up…. I don’t think Bisping is weak. There are areas of fighting that I’d like to test out during the match. I think I bring a lot more experience against World Class opponents than he is used to facing … when I step into the Cage … there will be fireworks. This match won’t be any different. To all those that believe in me, thanks for all your support. To all those that don’t, hopefully this match will change your minds.”

I believe in Elvis! Best of luck!

I wish I could believe... the betting price on him is so attractive...

First Serra, now Elvis... Shock the world baby!

^ True!

Hendo, Serra... THEN Elvis!

Dream on... Elvis has NO chance of winning this.

Bisping by TKO round 2!

^ non-believer

I think this is a very winnable fight. Out of all of Elvis UFC appearances I think this is the best match up for Elvis.

Bisping has not really been that outstanding or strong on the ground, and his wrestling and clinch skills are at best on par with Elvis's.

I think on the ground it is all Elvis. Should Elvis trade that is where the risk naturally is. His chin is up and his shots are from his chest. ALA the fight vs Griffin.

Both are tough guys who need to win. That makes it exciting as hell. I am an Elvis fan and will be watching live for the King to Rock.

Good luck Elvis


I'm pulling for ya, Elvis...kick some ass!!!

Just friken win Elvis...Just put something in the win column, please!...

I am a non believer of Elvis because he ain't the truth!

Elvis is very game but I am definitely not a fan of his skills.

Bisping by severe butchering!



Kick his ass Elvis.

I'll be watching this at some bar in Shittsburgh, so give me a reason to scream my head off!!!


Good luck Elvis!

I'll be pulling Elvis, one of MMA.tv's brethren. Even if I don't put money on the fight : )