War Machine accused of laughing in court

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LAS VEGAS -- The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who is known as War Machine will be going to trial in Las Vegas District Court. The justice of the peace ordered him to go to trial on several charges including attempted murder after a preliminary hearing Friday that included graphic testimony from the victims.

Jonathan Koppenhaver, whose legal name is War Machine, is accused of severely beating his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her companion in Aug. 2014. He is charged with attempted murder, assault, battery, open and gross lewdness and strangulation.

The man who was with Mack at the time of the attack, Corey Thomas, described the beating in detail, during Friday's hearing. He told the justice of the peace he was taken to the hospital with a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder.

"My face was covered in dripping blood. She was very scared to death," Thomas said.

Thomas said War Machine agreed to let him go, if he didn't go to the police. Thomas left Mack at her home and went to police to report what happened.

Mack took the stand after a short break for lunch.

She told the court about her relationship with Koppenhaver that she said was often violent. She explained how he had strangled her before and how he had forced her to have sex.

At one point, the judge reprimanded War Machine for laughing during Mack's testimony.

Prosecutor: "Was there sexual violence?"

Mack: "Yes."

Prosecutor: "Judge I would like the record to show that Mr. Koppenhaver is laughing and shaking his head."

Defense: "Objection, He wasn't laughing."

Justice: "I watched him laugh."

She also testified that War Machine often threatened to kill her and her family. She also described her injuries after the attack, which included a lacerated liver, facial damage and injuries to her leg.

Koppenhaver will be arraigned in District Court Thursday.

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