War Machine admits to being gay..

"...I have a lot of gay things I'm into. I'm an environmentalist. I got a hybrid car. People think it's gay, but I don't think it's gay. I pluck my eyebrows, shave my legs. I do a lot of gay stuff.."

Taken from http://middleeasy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=927:exclusive-interview-with-war-machine&catid=53.

Guess there's hope for all you closet homo's on the UG hoping he goes into gay porn.

works at gaybars with no clothes on...

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gee who'da thunk? an attention starved mediocre fighter with an obsession for being famous says things that might attract attention.


But why Abe Lincoln?

 not ghey.  just confused


I think the environment is not doing very well and I drive a hyrbid. I don't shave my legs or pluck my eyebrows. Maybe I got the Bisexual.

"I fellate men. People think it's gay, but I don't think it's gay."

MuchRespec' - But why Abe Lincoln?

because he was gay... ever heard of the log cabin republicans, there's a reason they are called that.


I have a hard time believing George Sotiroupolus is gay.

 Someone should probably tell George's wife that some guy on the internet has a friend who thought he might be gay.

Or not.

now he's going to venture off to gay porn....

 get this dude a job at  whole foods market... 

Lincoln wasn't gay. In historical studies, gay historians and queer theorists (their term, not mine) are as militant as any gay pride activist. When they see even a whiff of anything gay in history they hop on it like a glass dildo. Anywho, Lincoln wrote 1 letter to a friend where he mentions sharing a bed with him. This was back in the 1840s or 1850s in the conditions they had then in the midwest.

Geez, guys, chill the fuck out. I know straight guys that do all those things that War Machine said. It sounds like he's just secure with himself (on this issue, anyway.) Unlike, all you fucks.

Personally, i like art museums, photography and dancing. I also like fighting in a cage and fucking hot pussy.

On top of that, even if War Machine is gay, why do you think you are better than him? Don't all of you have a gay relative or old high school buddy or co-worker who's gay? Do you think they should be degraded and slandered, too? Fucking grow up.

alot of fighers shave their legs.. chest.. arms.. paint their toe nails.. . wax their eyebrows.

do you think fighters are the only people on earth who dont grow hair on their legs or chest?

no they shave.

alot of well groomed fighters.. who wax .. pluck.. and paint their toe nails. metro sexual fighters

[quote="Miseduktd"]"I fellate men. People think it's gay, but I don't think it's gay."

Depends on if they are paying you to do that. If they are, then you may not be gay, but your job really sucks.

MuchRespec' - But why Abe Lincoln?

Because Abe liked to wrestle with other men wearing singlet!