War Machine admits to being gay..

What's gonna happen when his hetero porn career isn't paying enough and they ask him to go gay?

rbl -  Someone should probably tell George's wife that some guy on the internet has a friend who thought he might be gay.

 On the down low IMO

 driving a hybrid for the sake of the environment is gay and stupid at the same time.

if all of humanity stopped all production of CO2, including breathing in and out, and then a moderate size volcano erupted it would counter all of the combined efforts. if a large volcano errupted it would put us into a period of cooling. dont grind up plastic and throw it into the ocean or poor motor oil onto the beach but the hybrid thing is bonk unless you just want to save money.

the production and disposal of the battery in the hybrid all but counters its gas saving abilities. better for the environment is buying a new diesel car.

I drive a hybrid because A) i can afford it b)i only have to stand like an idiot at the pump ONCE a month. c) F*uc petro and where it comes from.