War Machine (JON) gets out on FRIDAY..

after spending 1yr in.. he finally gets out on Friday.. in 2days.

One more week and I'm outta here! It's a trip, I can't believe I've been in jail for a YEAR! It's gonna be so nice to eat REAL food and train for REAL. I just hope that my probation officer isn't too much of an asshole. I don't plan to and know I won't cause any problems for him/her, I'm just gonna do what needs to be done. I don't think it should be a problem though. I don't do any drugs, so piss testing is nothing for me, I'm not in a gang & I have a job/career so I should be considered a low maintenance/easy case to manage for them. Say some prayers/send some energy so that I get a decent probation officer.

Anyway, I learned a lot this year: who my REAL friends are, how great my wife really is, how much I really LOVE MMA, I learned that all cops aren't the devil and in fact, are good guys just making a $, learned that the U.S.A.'s criminal justice system is 100 times more fucked up than I ever imagined, and I read more than 60 books and got insight into all kinds of different shit. Notice that I did NOT learn that what I did that night in the bar was "wrong." I stand by my actions to this day and believe that EVERY human has the right to defend themselves or others, if they believe there is a threat to their safety. I'm not a "criminal," I don't rob and steal, and I don't sell dope to kids... Humans have a "fight or flight" mechanism built into them and in a split second decision, where my best buddy got into a fight out of the blue, and I saw 2 guys running to jump in, my instincts had me attempt to defend him and there was no way for me to discern that one happened to be a bouncer and he got hit. So what I really "learned" about that night and about other times I've gotten into street fights, and how to avoid them and avoid trouble in the future is simply: DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN SITUATIONS/PLACES WHERE FIGHTS CAN HAPPEN. If a drug addict wants to stay clean, he needs to not be around people or places where drugs are, SIMPLE SOLUTION. My instinct to fight father than flee would have helped my survival in past ages, however in this age, it only puts me in jail. Like I've always said, "I don't get in fights at the grocery store." So I'm confident, in fact I KNOW, if I avoid bars/clubs/parties, I will NEVER be put in a situation again that will require the activation of my "fight or flight" instinct. That is the main lesson I have learned. If you have a problem, alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence, WHATEVER, and you TRULY want to STOP, you MUST eliminate EVERYTHING (friends, spouses, lifestyle) that brings your problem into being. I hope that some of you reading this that have a problem, and want to avoid America's inhumane system of punishment, will learn from MY LOSS OF A YEAR OF LIFE and prevent yourself from the same or worse. This will be my LAST blog from jail, the next time you hear from me I'll be a free man again.

I want to thank all of you fans that have helped make this year so much better with your constant e-mails of support, money, gift packs, and books. It means a lot to me and I feel blessed to have had so much support.


and no he doesnt get internet access.. he handwrites them and mails them to his friend who has his twitter account password, i know some think he had internet lol. he didnt write a blog his first week.. nor this last week.


 good for him. dont fuck this up mr. machine

WAR ...... erm machine Phone Post

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

Justinmacd - Someone will probably provoke him in jail and he'll get more time.

if u have been keeping up with his blogs.. only a few guys have.. but it hasnt got to him.. he has being house in a cell by himself

BzGrappla - My instinct to fight father than flee...

Freudian slip.

Justinmacd - Someone will probably provoke him in jail and he'll get more time.

He still feels that he will fight instead of flight. Even if the other guy is completely in the wrong there will be times as an adult where you need to bail and not fight.

War Machine v. Rashad

War Machine v. Rashad

EvilEye - did he marry a porn chick?

Nah, he married a normal girl.

 yay war machine

 And the first thing he wil do....

1 more day. Leh go

It's already been a YEAR?! Holy shit!

Good for you War Machine!

I thought he was in the slammer for mroe than a year

seandiesel -  good for him. dont fuck this up mr. machine

LOL, I give him 6 months until he's in front of a judge again talking about how he had to beat up a guy at the grocery store.

that would be cool if he made an account here

ABE FROMAN - LOL, I give him 6 months until he's in front of a judge again talking about how he had to beat up a guy at the grocery store.

legit (sad but true) lol