War Nick DIAZ!

Nick is gonna smash Gomi. Just watch. He has everything in his favor going into this fight. Size, strength, Jits, wrestling, striking, all are in Diaz's favor.
The only question is, will they give him a rematch for Gomi's title once he beats that ass?

Troll troll troll your boat...

I have trained with Nick and he is a freak in all aspects of the game. Although Gomi is one of the best in the world. I will tell no lie. Nick will have to have the best fight of his life to come out with a W over Gomi.

Diaz by near naked choke... or Armbar

Does anyone know what Nick Diaz's walking weight is?

hey ncfa4life hows tyson doing?
tell him i thought he won n one of the greatest war i have ever seen

go Diaz!

this fight is at 155?

I think its around 185-190, he's a tall dude

"this fight is at 155?"

the fight is at a catch weight 160 for Pride USA

this fight will be a war

Nick's ego won't permit him to take the fight to the ground. I can almost guarantee that it will be 100% standup. Diaz has accurate standup but not a lot of power. I expect him to get some good shots in but feel that Gomi will overwhelm him eventually. He might not be able to finish (owing to Diaz's stellar chin) but he should take the decision.

Gomi by bodyshot brutality to change-up uppercut, just like Pulver.