Warcraft 3

I'm about to start playing Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos on the pc. Who here has played it and what did you think?

hey dacrippler:

I'm actually about to start playing it also. I too look forward to people's input.

For the most part, I spoke to friends who've played it, and it was just crack for them. Everytime I called them on the phone, they were playing it. So it's addictive, I guess.

i bought it when it came out a couple years back...great game....the gameplay is awesome but what will keep you coming back is the storyline....the story keeps you very much interested....pretty good campaign length too, 4 campiagns about 10 missions each....also has good multiplayer on battle.net.....

get the Frozen Throne exp. pack if you want...it adds alot more good stuff to the game

How is the xBox version?

i didn't know there is one....probably pretty shitty though.....rts games just can't be done on a console

there has never been and xbox version of Warcraft III

I bought it when it first came out and it was addictive, I played it every chance I got until I beat it. It has a good storyline but it isn't very challenging for the most part, not nearly as hard as Starcraft Brood Wars in my opinion. Enjoy it while it lasts because it isn't nearly as much fun in multiplayer as Starcraft and doens't have much replay value after you beat it.

I'm also thinking of getting it, as it's one of the only decent games they've ported to Mac.

The thing that makes the Warcraft series for me is the sense of humor. Plenty of other games have a good game system and graphics, but none of them make me laugh.

anyone use the map editor much??? i want to try and make one of those rpg maps but have no idea where to start...

Warcraft 3 FT is the shit!

graphically it is the best RTS game ever. 3D and very smooth. sound is great. when you get good, battles can get a little crazy (online). but for newbs this game is a lot of fun too.

gameplay can be challenging for the first month if you are not used to RTS and all that each race can do (heros, magic, units, ect) but after a month you should be able to beat a single easy comp 1v1. if you can beat a normal or insane comp 1v1 then you should start playing online

race balancing is incredible. heros make the game very cool. whether you are human, orc, elf, or undead is tons of fun. try them all and pick your favorite. all have different advantages. "creeping" also makes the game very interesting.

note for newbs: if you own this game, make a game, pick a race, make some units, then keep clicking on a single unit repeatedly, they say some stuff, but after a little while of clicking they start saying some funny stuff. enjoy

i cant say enough about how cool i think this game is from a development and creative standpoint. truly a masterpiece. blizzard is the best. i recommend this game to anyone with a computer and an interest in strategy.

simply put if you like strategy games...chess, archon, command and conquer, ect. warcraft 3 is chess for the 21st century.

i am an instructor at warcraft 3 university if anyone would like free tips on the game or a major beatdown online.

rock on

half pint,

i have owned WCIII since the begining and have beat the sp game on ROC and the FT....but I can't beat the computer on custom game....even on easy sometimes....you got some good build orders??? i like the undead and the night elves....it is amazing how different the game is from the single player capaign to the custom games online....no defence, just offence, offence, offence....i won a few games online using the ghoul/necro combo with the death knight but after a while i started getting beat down something fierce.....but I won last night with the night elves and I kinda like them...

Half Pint, you really liked it that much?? I thought the single player game was good, but the multiplayer game was lacking. Although dated, starcraft blows this game away, especially the multi-player. The improvements made to Battlenet are awesome though.

Half Pint,

What are your thoughts on the Frozen Throne expansion? How would you rate it compared to the original game?

I played it, amazing, one of my favorite games.


sorry but ive been offline a few days. lifes been keeping me busy. i hope i can help.

all races are good. it just depends on which one you like. depending on the game and opponent depends on the race i pick.

elf is very good all around. for 1v1 or many vs many or human vs computer.

the key is definitely speed, build order and upgrading.

with elf, here is the easiest fastest build order and tactics to beat an easy computer.

game begins. send all wisps to mine. make 6-7 wisps. as they pop out build an altar, then moon well, the ancients of war. then send at least 7 wisps to get you wood. i usually do about 10-12. i like keeper of the grove to be my first hero. i pick treants as first ability. some disagree but i like them. (depends on gameplay. i am not a huge hero player. i prefer using strategy, units and tactics to win, not super leveled heros.)

then another moon well and then another ancients of war. keeper comes out at the same time your first archer is made. always have one wisps just making moon wells until you get to max food limit.

always produce units and moon wells. make huntresses as soon as hunters hall is completed. upgrade.

then make hunters hall and then upgrade main tree.

its an easy starting build order that puts you off to a good start.

the key to wc3 is understanding the game and the strategy. easy comps only build one hero and are stupid. they dont get air right away and dont build defense. its easy to get them to chase you into a waiting wall of ancient protectors (or towers). just run your units back behind the wall/trap

generally speaking easy comps can be defeated with fast building and good use of upgrades and units. mediums can be beat by using the comp stupid AI against itself and running it into your defenses.

and to beat an insane comp you have to build super fast, have good defense or offense, have fast upgrades and know how to play the entire game (like use heros abilities and magic and combinations of units ect all together.)

if you want greater detail or some advanced level strategies let me know. good luck. i hope this helps you out.


wc3 is awesome. online is the best. please give it another try. i played starcraft for many many years and loved it but i think wc3 is still much much better.

battlenet is pretty cool isnt it? and its free!


only a few players that i have met have told me that reign of chaos is better than frozen throne. and i think its b/c they got really good at ROC and then didnt want to relearn the strategies for FT.

they didnt want to change with the times and if you arent willing to change with the times you get left behind.

IMO Frozen Throne is much better then ROC. more heros. more units. better gameplay. more strategy.

video game makers love to run this scam where they sell you an expansion (blizzard) or more missions (rainbow six) but generally speaking if you like a game then the upgrade or expansion is worth it and just makes the game more fun to play.

i play the one player stuff one time through and enjoy it. but i really enjoy playing online against other people (multiplayer). but either way i like FT better than ROC.

just my thoughts

Warcraft 3 is awesome, but I'd still rather play Warcraft 2.