Warcraft III

Just got a new PC and this was the game i got with it.

Wicked game, any fans here?

I'm still trying to pick it up.

Is there a time limit between when you can upgrade your tier one trooper, or does it depend soley on your resources.

Anyoen got any tips on how to arrange a task force. Do you group all different types of units as one subgroup, or do you split them up.

Seems like this game is gonna get real hectic with large armies. I'm having difficulty scouting at the same time as building at the moment. Try to build and then my forces get attacked by creeps and building turns to a stand still.

"I have played it but quit when I played that ridiculous level where I had to prevent the bad guys from destroying the town"

Is that the level where you have to destroy more of the town before they do? Just finished that one, took me about 4 goes. The hardest part was preventing my camp getting hammered by Abominations while my hero and his troops went around beating on the dreadlord and houses. ONce i sussed that i needed loads of towers and my hero got his ultimate spell at level 6, i managed it. Only just though.

Started making huge use of the hot keys. Very usefull.

the human campaign is fun but the undead, orc and night elf campaigns are way better

wc3 is the best game ever

adds alot to the series....the storyline is very deep and sucks you right in....4 playable races and even more non-playable ones...all have strengths and weaknessess...