Warez: safe to check for updates?

first of all, yes, i know it's wrong to use pirated software, so this is purely a hypothetical question...

IF i'm using a cracked version of an anti-spyware or virus program, like Spy Sweeper, would it be safe for me to download updates and new alerts? ("safe" meaning would the web site you're connecting to be able to tell you're using an illegal version of the program, and, hence, track you?)

thanks for any info.

IF you were doing that, of course we all know you're not, but IF you were doing that I would think you'd be fine. Larger companies such as McAfee and Norton have updates all the time for their products and yet it's never stopped a person with a pirated copy. I seriously doubt Spy Sweeper is going to send the serial information for them to check if it's legit or not. I would say that IF you knew someone was using a pirated version then it would be safe for them to update it. Granted I could be wrong but if I was using it I would update it without any worries

sicko, thanks for the help and info! i pretty much thought the same thing, but wanted to make sure before i had FBI guys knocking on my door (again, all hypothetically, of course ;)

can anyone else confirm (or disagree)?

cetain programs like Nero, development tools etc.. revert back to demo's or dont work at all from updates

programs like Norton, Win Xp(with a good key) let u update all u want

its trial and error dude

unless ur in a non release group like Fairflight, razor, echolen etc... or selling shit the FBI wont be to bothered with Jonny blowjob using a rippe copy of XP or Norton