Warfare 7 Live Feed Feat. Krazy Horse

Warfare 7, live from Myrtle Beach, SC. Main Event is Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett versus Ronnie "Bam Bam" Rogers.

Also watch for flyweight prospect Justin "Tank" Scoggins. He spent a considerable amount of his time training in Stephen Thompson's school as he grew up. He is currently housed at Revolution MMA which is the school that Sara McMann trains at, and he has also spent time at Jackson's MMA. The card is mostly amateurs, and I'll edit if I can get somebody to send me the full card.


thanks, was wondering about krazy horse's fight. didn't think i'd be able to catch it live.

what's the full card?

Wish I knew. I've been asking around Facebook for the full card and nobody seems to have it. It doesn't help that the promoter did not post the card on the UG.

TTt for Kwazy Pony Phone Post


Pros start now.

Scoggins fighting now

DAMN what a kick from Scoggins!

come on gif masters

Agreed. Hopefully one of these swell UG guys was watching and can make the gif.

Krazy Horse up next versus Bam Bam

They didnt sell it enough.

You're right.

Who won?

UGCTT_Pariah -

Who won?

Not Krazy Horse :( Phone Post

Bam bam triangle choked Krazy horse in the first Phone Post

UGCTT_Pariah -

Who won?

Not Krazy Horse :( Phone Post

Aw that sucks.. Was hoping for Krazy Horse to win and even out his win/loss record again..


I never saw them live, but I like rewatching his old fights in Pride.

Fights are still available for anyone to watch.

On a side note, if the local GIF Masters could make one of Scoggins hook kick KO it'd be much appreciated. Phone Post

I will endlessly bump for that GIF . Phone Post

the Scoggins kick was ridiculous last night. It was like a turning side kick. I'll see if I can find a gif