Warlley Alves vs. Alan Jouban

Jouban is a warrior. Alves is a much more gifted athlete but doesn't have near the heart that Jouban has. Jouban got robbed in that one. Damn shame. Phone Post 3.0

Wow. Judging in this sport is fucking pathetic. Phone Post 3.0

Wow, I called it, so sad. No way he won. Phone Post 3.0

So stupid

I fucking hate this stupid sport Phone Post 3.0

he got jobbed.
i won some money but that is lame.

great performance in brazil. it is tough to fight there.

Wow... Phone Post 3.0


Lol Phone Post 3.0

Second round was close.... 

That's what he gets for not going after him in the 3rd Phone Post 3.0

Disgusting. Phone Post

Lol @ that awful decision. Glad Florian and Anik didn't mince their words. Phone Post 3.0

the hometown judging is off the hook in MMA.

reminds me of sanchez pearson.

Sport has no street cred

what a terrible decision. Hometown bonus points.

What the fuck? Fuck that overacting fuck and those piece of shot corrupt crooked judges.

All of the mma record keeping sites had better not make that "win" official

Florian and Anik didn't hold back at all

Alves got the homeland vote for sure. Jouban still has a bright future ahead of him. Phone Post 3.0

Bullshit judging and inconsistent refs are ruining the sport. Fuck.

CaliKush - That's what he gets for not going after him in the 3rd Phone Post 3.0
Are you stupid? Phone Post 3.0

Alves came strong to the second round, got the TD early and maintained it competitive. Jouban was a little better in the end of the second though. Close either way