Warlocks felguard

Its seem everytime something good comes along someone crys nerf and
blizzard seems to listen looks like the felguard is next for warlocks.

Don't worry armbreaker. Affliction is still best for leveling, and Destro is still best for pvp.

The only reason Felguards are being nerfed is that probably 75% of locks went demonology to get that pet. Them nerfing Felguards means nothing to me.

WoW has messed around with the classes so much it's hard to evey try to define your role in the game. They really need to stop listening to crybabies so much and just make each class what their idea of the class is and leave it alone.

affliction is working awsomely in pvp as well.

Cant go wrong with either one though. Destro has the fun stuff with it though. Like death coil healing and insta ae fear

Ummmm...have any of you spent much time in the battlegrounds? These fuckers needed a nerf and I'll bet money locks are still going to be the scariest pvp class in the game. I know every time I see danjerboy I shit myself.

We've spent time in BG, but felguards just arent a problem to us. I cant tell you if a felguard is poweful or not because to me, they're a joke. I just banish them, dot up the chump and continue on my merry way

Dude, locks suck in group PVP. If you have another lock, the second you banish that Felguard, the lock becomes the weakest class in the game by a huge margain.

1 on 1 Locks are god, but in group PVP, they're just target practice for every other class.

well granpa, i was in a 9 lock 1 druid wsg and we like 10 straight before I quit. Probably 8 of those against premades. We just feared and dotted everybody! The druid was only there to run the flag.

I think Granpa means the felguard locks. My pet doesn't do anything really. It's all a dot fest. I don't even cast shadow bolt most of the time nowadays. If I stick my big 3 on anything under tier 2 that can't heal, it's dead with the exemption of a warrior. I don't even see most of the people I kill die. I just keep tot he outside and keep raining in the dots. When people come from me I just try and keep range while the dots dot he work. Priests, druids, warriors and shammies/pallies get feared or seduced

Pun you should try destro if you do a lot of PVP. It's like you are playing a totally different class all together.

Not saying it's better, but when your talents allow you to have 20% crit chance, backlash wich gives you an insta-bolt, conflag, shadowfury which might be the best lock spell outside of deathcoil, ruin which makes all those crits you will get 50% bigger. You will light people up faster than they can blink. Nothing beats instantly dropping pallies from 75% to 0% hp before they get a chance to bubble.

UA/Bane is the perfect mix for levelling/pve/pvp. PERFECT. AU/Bane also schools destruction in raid damage. Destro is better for pvp, but that's it. I spent most of my time raiding and off times pvping

When the specs first came out we had our 4 top locks (all over +500) go 2 and 2. Destro and UA/Bane. UA/Bane did alot more damage and at alot lower agro than destro. Don't get me wrong. If PvP is your first priority then destro it is. But for me, UA/Bane is the best mix.

shadow priests, beast specced hunters, warriors and pallies are always going to be problems for the UA/Bane spec. That's why I trvael with friends lol

Yeah, I mean Demo locks, affliction locks are gods right now, and destructions aren't too bad either. But demo locks are target practice once you banish or kill the pet.

I really hven't had any problems in PVP since the new patch.

Felguard is great option when you dont have the best equipment in pvp. It gives lot of +spelldamage, survivability (sl) and pure dmg (sl, demonic tactics, md).

I was with my lock felguard from 51-60 (great for leveling) and pvped alot. Only problems were other locks that banished the felguard. Otherwise the felguard spec was great since the demo shadowbolts and dots hit hard nowadays.

Then i got some more pvp gear and specced destro. It sucked compared to demo until i got +350 spelldamage and 4.5k hp. You are basicly playing fragile mage until you get more hp, so gear means alot. Also since i play ally warlock for some odd reason, i have to deal with fear and seduction being crap most of the time (half horde is undead and lightning shield breaks my seduces). Destros fragiliness is really showing atm since all horde on my bg group has rank 14 weapons.

Kage, right now everyone is getting 2 and 3 shotted. Demo has more survivability, at the cost of firepower.

Yeah, i know, but ally destro warlock basicly has deathcoil as escape method. Atleast with felguard if you knew anybody was close you could get intercept in. (Shadowfury is bugged atm. It doesnt get benefit from intensity. So the cast time is lot longer than fear if someone is beating on you.) Sometimes you get those troll rogues on you and then its seduce-nuke time =D.

Shadowfury is bugged? Wasn't last night. .5 second cast as usual.