Warming Cards

I just got in a set of warming cards for white balance. Anyone use these
before? They seem to be pretty sweet. I'll use them this week. On
Tuesday I'm interviewing Joe Frazier and will warm the shot up with

One thing about "tricking" the white balance (or gray scale in film) is to
keep in mind that you'll be altering the color of the entire frame, much
like if you were to use a "warming" filter on the lens.

Doing this is often great because you're not going to suffer the stop/
exposure loss that some "warming" filters create.

I usually do all my coloring (unless it's for effect or if I have to work
fast) at the lamps so that I can get better color separation between the
subject and the background. It's also generally more pleasing to the
eye to have a "white" source somewhere in the frame.

For talking head interviews I'll usually add 1/8th CTO to my
subject's key light and I'll keep the background in "white" light.

If you do "trick" your white balance and you look into the monitor and
it looks too flat, but you like the overall "warmth" of the background,
one thing you can to is to add some CTB (generally 1/8th will do the
trick) to your subject's key light.

To get fancy and create more separation you can add a kicker/edge-
light in the opposite color (if the overall is amber then add blue, or vis

Of course it all depends on the situation.

A Joe Frazier interview sounds great. Let us know how it goes.

You're trying to make Joe Frazier look more White?


"You're trying to make Joe Frazier look more White?"

Heh, no that's not it at all.

Just admit, there's no way to adjust the white balance in boxing.

FastandBulbous...you may be correct there...lol.

asymmetrik...Thanks for the breakdown bro! I'll just being doing the 1/
3 adjustment with the warming cards. I'll let you guys know how the
Frazier interview goes.