Warner and Brunell

Two of my favorite QB's that will definitely be on the move after this season. I think it would be huge for someone like Parcell's to latch onto either one of these veterans. One or both of these guys WILL make an impact next year somewhere.
I guarantee it!

Warner is washed up IMO.

warner = oakland if gannon doesn't comeback!

brunnell would have been in greenbay but Favre wants one more year so i'd imagine he will end up in Arizona!

Oakland's options appear to be either sign Warner/Brunell, or draft Manning/Roethlisberger (sp?). I still think Tuiasosopo can play though.

I can see Brunell or Warner going to Cleveland, Butch Davis doesn't seem to be thrilled with his QB situation. Arizona is a possibility for both too, as is Dallas, but I think Parcells will stick with Carter.

i agree i think PArcells has to huge of an ego to have a star QB. not to mention it doesnt fit with his style and Dallas still needs a lot of other things before worrying about Carter who was actually one of their Offensive stars.

Cleveland has to let go of one of the two they currently have. i'll be amazed if they dont cut hollcomb. and draft some one in the 4th or 5th round. and sign a veteran in FA.

Warner is exactly the kind of player Davis loves. as is brunnell but at this point warner still has a little more "potential"

Arizona seems like a clear choice to go after both but will they be able to land one. also i wouldn't be surprised to see Baltimore make a strong play for one of them.

"needs a lot of other things before worrying about Carter who was actually one of their Offensive stars"

'Star' being a relative term, yes. He could be a good quarterback in a couple years, but I think Parcells will stick with him simply because he's not their biggest weakness. He's the lesser of two evils, so to speak, lol.

Baltimore is banking on Boller.

A lot of talk around here by people who are considered by me as "wannabe" NFL fans (they can give you shit when your team loses, but have no concept of anything they haven't heard John Madden say) is that the Bears should make a play for Warner. IMO I would only do that if you ditch Kordell & his $2.5 mil and get Warner for no more than $3 mil. And I'm not sure how much I endorse that move. Then he'd have to beat out Grossman, not just hand him the job.

Again, I doubt this happens and hope it doesn't.

I see Bledsoe going to the Cowboys

I could see him wanting to play for Parcells again, but what's his contract status?? Dallas too many holes to fill to be worrying about trading for a new quarterback, IMO.

From what I understand he is due to make 6 mil net year if the Bills keep him..It makes sense to release him, since it just hasnt worked for him or the Bills.

They didn't do themselves any favors by letting Peerless Price leave either.

I'm with you bludog... I think if you're a Rams fan you've seen what really has led to Warner's troubles and it is the play calling when he is in there...

It seems everytime Warner gets in there Martz throws the running game out the window and puts it all on his shoulders. You'll never convince me Bulger is a better QB.

Warner wont be back next year.

I don't think so either, they're not going to want to pay his salary to a backup.

Warner is a good QB who has taken too many hits in a short period of time (2 seasons)