Warning!Creatine can make you kill

From the Sun Newspaper(highest circulation paper in UK)


Health Editor

THE performance-boosting drug Atkinson took can cause extreme agitation and bizarre behaviour.

Ephedrine, which is banned in sport, is a stimulant which acts on the nervous system to speed up the brain and body.

In correct doses it is a useful medicine and can improve alertness and reactions.

But side effects include a racing pulse, anxiety, insomnia and shakes. In large doses ephedrine can lead to psychotic behaviour and impulsive actions, such as sudden violence or suicide.

Bodybuilding ex-US Marine David Bieber, jailed for life for shooting dead PC Ian Broadhurst in Leeds, was addicted to muscle-enhancing drugs and proteins similar to those used by Atkinson.

Ephedrine can also cause heart problems, high blood pressure and strokes.

Creatine is an amino acid, a type of protein and one of the few legal substances which works in building up muscle strength.

Sun GP Dr Carol Cooper said: “These drugs are a potentially lethal mix. Creatine can give you extra strength — ephedrine could make you use it violently'

Whilst I don't want to belittle the horror of the murder, how can a newspaper get away with writing this total garbage?

you arent even supposed to take creatine with stimulants, its counter productive from what I understand, isnt that right?

Caffeine inhibits creatine uptake, not sure about ephedra.

I think I have read recently that the caffeine/creatine correlation is minor at best. I think it is on the caffeine roundtable on t-mag.

So much for my planned legal defense... got any other potentially lethal interactions I could cite as a reason?


RisingSun, oh I know that, I am in the UK. I posted it because it is the sort of thing that really pisses me off, I can guarentee that someone at work who reads the Sun will mention it to me.

What scares me is that the Sun has the highest circulation in the UK. What the Sun says actual influences the outcome of elections.

not that I want to defend The Sun(which is a POS), but they dont mention anything about creatine making you violent. they say it makes you stronger, which it does.

Creatine does not make you stronger per se. People reading this article would be forgiven for thinking the combination was some sort of hulk juice or the same as they injected in Universal Soldier.

Creatine does make you stronger for longer, that's the whole point of the stuff, were not talking a rival to test here, but every little helps.

'Creatine is an amino acid, a type of protein...'

fact check? oh yeah, it's the sun. my bad.