WARNING- New CBP phone scam

I just got one of these calls. 503 #.

Residents report the calls include a pre-recorded message stating, “A box of drugs and money being shipped has your (resident’s) name on it and it has been intercepted.” The resident is instructed to press #1 to speak with a CBP officer or agent. The resident’s banking information is then requested.”

You gotta be retarded to fall for this and give up your banking info.

Actually, let me revise that, if you’re not really old and you fall for this shit you must be retarded.

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If it asking for money you owed for room and board for Pancho the border hopper at the Long Beach convention center, it’s totally a scam. Tax payers will be covering that.


I love it when my wife gets some sort of scam call on her work phone. The look on her face changes, when she suspects that it is a scammer. She answers, “Department of Homeland Security, Inspector General’s Office, how may I assist you?”

9 times out of 10, they hang up without saying a word.

I’ll ask her if she’s heard about this scam.

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Obviously I didn’t fall for it. The second it wanted me to “press 1” to speak to an agent I hung up.
BUT… I can see people falling for it, not alot but enough to make it worth their while.
For example, I order stuff direct from china and many others do do since they discovered aliexpress. So we have alot of stuff going through customs and shit gets hung up sometimes. First thought to cross my mind was “am I waiting for anything right now?”.

They prey on the elderly and dimwitted portion of the population.

That is enough to make it worth spamming all of us with their bullshit.

Hopefully the newer generations of old people will he more technologically savvy and don’t fall for this shit.


This video has only been out for 3 weeks but already has over 30 million views.

It gives some insight on how the phone scamming operates. Just like @TexDeuce
said, they prey on the elderly. Disheartening/interesting.

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