Britt has requested that I take a LOT of pictures at Uproar Magazine's 1-year party.

take alot of her new dress and her friends!

 I vote that Britt's friends should dress up as French Maids


Yeah..Greg, you should spend the entire night taking pic of Britt,RaRa, and all the other girls. I don't think we are interested in seeing guys standing around the wine bar acting like we bad asses and doing the two fists up pose. We prefer pics of women, their outfits, two lesbians kissing in the corner, chicks feeling each others boobs, flashings, and of course, if the bukkake is on...pic of it but don't show the faces as it could result in serious marital problems or even possible death.

Thank you for your hard work Greg...Looking forward to seeing your work.

brooselee GETS IT!

yeah! yeah! bukkake wif britt and rara FTW!

pics of guys is teh ghey