Warrior diet??

Has anyone tried this diet or have information on it.

Never tried it but I think Steve Maxwell (BJJ BB outta Philly, I think) does it, or at least did it. Try a search on him.

Its not a bad diet to get lean on, but dont expect to gain much muscle mass. Some people love it because they dont need to worry about making food during the day. You might need to adjust the schedule depending on what time of day you work out.


That is a link to some warrior diet info from dragondoor.com. The diet is generally not accepted as ideal on that board anymore, but there is some good info there anyways.

I did the WD for many years and loved it when I was doing it. Felt very energetic during the day. What I do now is a more modified version. I have a protein shake for brunch, almonds and raises for lunch and a protein shake after i workout. Dinner is my biggest meal in the evening.

Works very well for me

Mike Mahler

Thanks Mike, do you know anything about Hekmayer's
warrior growth serum or his warrior milk. Is this stuff