Warrior Nation roll call !

Beat the MAVS!

I'm rockin it, Warrior 4 Lyfe! I'm talking bout Chris Gatling son! We reppin' the Todd Fuller mania!

Mavs goin down!

D-R-B up and accounted 4!


Run TMC, and Purvis Short muthafukas!!!

dr b, will the Spurs survive the Nuggets?

50/50 to beat the Nuggets. They have a bench now with Kleiza, I don't know if the Spurs can match up well against the entire team anymore. They've added shooting (smith), bench (kleiza) and more scoring (AI) . . . much better than the 05 team.

Oberto was in the hospital with heart problems 2 nights ago, if he's out of the games, that means Butler's in. Butler who got shredded on the post by Reggie Evans of all people. Nene must be licking his chops because it's not like Elson can do anything.

I think I would honestly feel bad for the Mavs if they lost in the first round. No exercise equipment would be safe from dirk's wrath.

I'd love to see the Warriors come out to play all over the Mavs. At least it's a better goddamn matchup than the Clippers would have been.

It will be a very intriguing series.

1-0 Baron kicked ass!

Warriors are too black and too strong.

Baron will go Sleepy Floyd and score 50 in game two.

Baron went autistic on Cuban last night!

That's one game.

One exercise bike down

Come out n pLAY...


The Mavs will win game 2.

Warrior Nation

Where was the Warrior Nation roll call in years past after the end of Run TMC??? Everyone is now jumping on the Warrior bandwagon.

that is an outrage. i been hardcore Warrior fan for tens of days.