Warrior Transition Course

Anyone down at Benning got any info. on this course? It's a 4wk. refresher basic soldier skill training course for P.S. that had to attend basic but now are gonna go thru this instead. Basically want to know how it's run(basic style) and whatnot.

I go thurs. and take my physical, and hopeully find out more about what's available as far as contract's go. And hopefully find out about a possible ship date.

Vampire Out,

It will re-adapt you to the military way of life,and thinking. Basic skills. I do not know if it will be as "hard" as basic.

I had a great time in basic. How could it be easier?

This program is still new and is run by BCTB. Its four weeks and is geared toward tactical differences between the Army and other services. It also focuses on AIMs (Advanced Individual Marksmanship)which concentrates on low visibility environments and weapons optics.

Depending on your prior service and MOS, you will probably have to attend AIT, though.

Was an 0311 in the Corps, an gonna be an 11? in the ARMY. So no AIT for me. I even asked for it and they said NO.

Is it ran like a regular basic training course would be run, you know the drill, or is it ran like a PLDC or jump type of course? It will be all P.S. E-3 thru E-5. That's the info. thats so hard to get. Even my recruiter doesn't have the info.

How much of this course Combatives training?

Where did you end up Whatever254?


Nowhere, I'm a DS at Benning.

Oh, I thought you said you had gotten orders.


I know what an 11 is in the ARMY, I'm just not sure what 11 I'll be. Bravo or Charlie. That's if I don't get my 18x contract that they are now giving to P.S.. But regardless I'll be GTG with either, But I'm trying real hard to get that 18x.