Warrior wellness question

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Warrior Wellness program. I already have Scrappers Mod 1, is it like that? It kind of sounds like it's a lot of stretching which I need for my low back. Can you do this tape, Scrappers tape and jog ( not all at once because I'm not that coordinated and the extension cords not that long )or would this be overtraining. Thanks for the help.

This is one of my favorite video(s) from rmax. I have been doing it once a day every day(almost) for the past year and a half. My joints have never felt better. It's not stretching, but more like joint rotations that increase in sophistication as you progress through the tapes. Certainly will help your lower back. It's not taxing on your body like scrappers tape, so you can do it any time and will aid in your recovery from hard workouts. I don't think it's possible to overtrain with it.

How long does it take to do these routines?

It takes me 15 minutes. I do it in the morning, but you can do it whenever.

I have joint problems and back problems as well. Sounds good, I might try it out

I have Pavels "Super Joints" is it the same?

is this the BEST program for bad joints?

How does Steve Maxwell's joint mobility DVD compare with Warrior Wellness?

Warrior Wellness is the best program I have found for joint health, as it gives a progression from simple to increasingly sophisticated movements that builds on prior work and translates well into other training.  I can follow the taped routines or combine the movements in my own routines.  All the Warrior Wellness movements are integrated into all other RMAX materials, so it's a great way to start exploring the larger approach.  If you are so gifted that Warrior Wellness Advanced is easy, Sonnon has Freedom By Degree to challenge you further.  He also has Bodyflow to work you in other ways, from beginner to advanced, which is a major step beyond Grappler's Toolbox.

I tried Super Joints for a while before Warrior Wellness.  It's okay, but SJ doesn't give any progression beyond just doing more reps or going further with the few movements presented.  

Since I haven't tried Maxwell's program, I can't give a comparison.  Steve is a great athlete, but I don't know how he could top what Scott's put together.  If I get the chance, I'll take a look, but I'm pretty damn happy right now.