Warriors Realm Fight Card

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28/10/2006 - 00:03am

Jon Leven vs Justin Turtle
Matt Cain vs Alexandre Prates
Damon McClure vs Eneasi Taumoefolau
Michael Mortimer vs Richard Vaculik
Bryce Thompson vs Jamie Henderson
Ryan Mortimer vs Michael Belogiannis
Lenny Kent vs Dylan Andrews
Shane Hensley vs Peter Finn
Korey Gibson vs Joshua Payne

So does anyone have the results? How was the show?

IMA fights-

Korey Gibson put on a great punching and wrestling display that saw his opponent unable to answer the bell for round 2. Korey is an awesome athlete with a natural talent that I'm sure you will hear alot more oft in the future.

Ryan Mortimer was submitted by head and arm choke at the end of round 2. Not taking anything away from his opponent but Ryan had an asthma attack during round 1 and he forgot to put his puffer in his kit. In hindsight I should have tried to capture the refs attention to see if they could stop the action to give him his medication as I got a asthma spray from the ringside doctor during round 2. Ryan was caught in the choke which he said didnt concern him to much but the lack of oxygen took its toll and he tapped as he fell semi unconscious. Was a great fight all the same and we would certainly love the opportunity for a rematch for Ryan.

Mick Mortimer was a little out muscled and although his opponent was a debutant he was quite strong and skilled. Mick was hit on the chin by a big right by his opponent to lose by KO. We wont be taking 65kg fights for our 60 kg fighter in the future. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be many 60kg fighters around but hopefully we can chase some out of the woodwork for future events for Mick.

Although the place wasnt full the venue was excellent. IMA would like to thank Shane Balmer and Warriors Realm on another great show which showcased some excellent skills and big knockouts.

tony i know you are an ima member and its fair for you to promote your guys at every chance, but it would be awesome to hear your veiws on other fights too. you are one of the few people who gives a good run down on the fights


Unfortunately I only have limited time to try to post what I need to as the IMA Manager. Turtle V Leven was very one sided. Justin Turtle looked very strong and obviously cut weight very professionaly as he may have weighed maybe 5 or 6kg more than weighin come fight time. Leven looked for a chance to unleash his fast hands but after Turtle missed one takedown he adventualy got the double leg for a nice heavy lift and slam. from there it was Turtle dominating with solid position and strikes from side mount before mounting Leven and hammering him with some solid punches and elbows. The stoppage was timed well by the referee to ensure no further damage was inflicted as Leven was already bleeding profusely from the face.

Tony does IMA have a website?

My brother Mick has a bit a website that has most of the stuff happening with the traditional martial arts aspect of IMA. We have no website for our MMA at this stage.www.imaa.net.au

thanks tony,