Warriors Realm/GCM alliance

Greatest Common Multiple have announced a coalition which may pay rich dividends globally for mixed martial arts.

GCM have revealed that they have assembled an international roster of cage-oriented mixed martial arts organization as part of a union, dubbed the Worldwide Cage Network, or WWCN. GCM representatives have stated that the ultimate goals of the union are to foster the development of fighters on the international stage, and have as well mentioned the idea of the WWCN acting as a means to facilitate the promotion of international talent to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The Worldwide Cage Network will see international unity among Britain's Cage Warriors, Finland's Nordic Events Fightsport Promotions, Australia's Warrior's Realm, the United States' Pangea Fights, and Japan's Demolition of Octagon Gear. The first objective for the WWCN will be the liberal exchange of foreign talent. An eight-man tournament with international WWCN representatives is already planned for Cage Warriors in November. In the future, rule unification for the WWCN body may take place.